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Eric Gizard, audacious talent

Eric Gizard

An eclectic jack of all trades, Eric Gizard draws his inspiration and references from contemporary Decorative Arts. Fascinated by his era, without as much denying the past, Eric Gizard widens his field of investigation to cover a multitude of topics marked by a deeply personal approach that confers an undeniable originality to his work. His signature? An affirmation of contrasts, a collision between materials that collide with colors, an exploration of light and dark, a carefully studied blend of tradition and modernity are defining characteristics of Eric Gizard’s work. After his studies at the Ecole des Arts Appliqués Duperré, he joined Michel Boyer’s architecture firm as an archivist. He then worked as a journalist before developing his first interior architecture projects, namely for the Habitat store chain. In 1999, he created his agency, EGA, where he focused his work on private projects, hotels and public spaces. In 2005, he was dignified at the Now! Exhibition at Maison & Objet where he was awarded the designer of the year award alongside Andrée Putman. Adopting a thoughtful approach, he is keen on well-drawn spaces, with beaming light and sun kissed interiors.

A cosmopolitan loving the World and its variety, he set out on different projects, always driven with the same passion. From boutiques to Japanese apartments, he went on to design tea houses in Korea, establishing offices in Shanghai, designing the environments of luxury Asian cosmetics brands, private hotels and residences in Europe, presidential spaces and Parisian boutiques, the design concept of the Printemps department store in Deauville, not to mention furniture design. And it doesn’t stop there! We also owe to his vivid imagination the harmonious design of the Air France A380 cabins and the development of their VIP lounges throughout the world, the Metropolis collections (crystal glasses and carafe), and Vibration (the table lamp and crystal light fixture) for Saint Louis, a wool and silk carpet collection for Chevalier Edition…

In 2011, he did a collaboration with Steiner and signed the Ypsilon collection (table and buffet), the Omega chair and Nuage sofa, all combinable and adaptable to different styles of interior décor. A complete selection of furniture that oscillates between a Scandinavian inspiration and the fifties, reinterpreted by the designer with ingenuity, audaciousness and contemporaneousness. Rebounding from one project to the next with great versatility, he focused his efforts on design with simplicity as his guiding principle, staying true to contemporary imperatives of lightness, fluidity and readability. Another of his collaborations was the design of a sofa collection for Treca Interiors, before embarking on the decoration of public spaces and the design and development of the Novotel Munich Airport hotel and the Novotel Dinard spa.

In parallel to the creation of furniture lines for different furniture makers, he also worked on creating a tableware line, light fixtures and fine dining objects for leading French luxury brands. As for private residences, he was entrusted with the redesign and sublimation of spaces in Saint Germain en Laye, Avenue Foch and Montparnasse.


Module emboîtable losange (32.5×78.4 cm)


Module emboîtable losange (32.5×78.4 cm)

Modern Zellige

Design in all its forms? Most certainly so! For Aït Manos, the designer imagined a borderless zellige collection, colored with a ravaging modernity. Named Casablanca, it meets the demand of the Aït Manos house to reveal the original take of Eric Gizard on this age-old Moroccan zellige. The result? A fiercely contemporary collection made of age-old materials.
Keeping an eye on the past and turning to the future? That is the creed of Aït Manos, masters of Moroccan zellige. Since the inception of this Moroccan decorative art in the confines of the Fes medina, zellige by Aït Manos lives by the winds of zeitgeist. Because Aït Manos is on a constant quest of exclusivities to adapt to its customers’ demands, the designer house reached out to Eric Gizard to pursue the ambition of anchoring zellige in a modern dynamic. As a producer, Aït Manos, in synergy with Eric Gizard created Casablanca, a collection of two friezes composed of lozenge-shaped thin-set zellige. Baptized “Mirage” and “Sahara”, they take on the appearance of hypnotic kaleidoscopes of zesty tiles. Showcased at the Dubai stand for Aït Manos in 2014, Casablanca is a reflection of the designer’s inventiveness and the excellence of the know-how and techniques that characterize the Aït Manos Workshops.