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What is Zellige?

A fundamental component of Moroccan history, zellige is hand-carved, baked clay tiles. Zellige is then assembled to form decorative patterns covering floors or walls. It can be natural or enameled.

What is the thickness of zellige?

Between 1.2 to 2.5 cm

How can I obtain zellige samples?

Simply contact us by email and explain your needs :

How do I place my order for zellige?

Simply contact us by email and explain your needs.


What is the delivery timeframe?

It depends on the size and complexity of your order, but the average delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks.

Is it possible to customize a design?

Send us your design request, which we will forward to our design team, which takes into account the zellige constraints and submits a proposal: Either from our catalogue or specifically designed for you.

What is the quality of Aït Manos Zellige?

After production, we select our zellige according to very strict quality criteria and we do not produce substandard quality zellige.

Are there color variations in the same color of zellige?

We select our product in such a way as to have the most uniform color possible. Variations in color appear depending on exposure to light.

In what countries do you deliver zellige?

Everywhere in the world.

How do I pay for my order?

By bank transfer.

Is it possible for me to arrange for my own shipping?



How is Zellige installed?

Either by requesting our tile layers, upon assessment of your construction project or seeking a meticulous tile layer and following our tile laying instructions.

Is it resistant to frost?

Zellige is not resistant to frost and can crack just like any other baked clay.

Where can Zellige be installed? Is it suitable for swimming pools, ponds…. ?

Zellige is suitable for all residential projects : In a swimming-pool, In a shower, In a pond, On a fountain, On a floor, On a wall, On a fireplace, On a kitchen credence table, Outdoors And for commercial or public spaces, only on walls.

Should spacing be left between the tiles?

During the laying there should be no spacing left between the tiles, or edge to edge installation to be in keeping with the tradition.

Is Zellige subjected to certification standards?

Zellige is considered to be an age-old product that is not subjected to standards or certifications.

Is it possible to have layouts with other materials?

Yes: marble, cement tiles, wood, plaster, stone, slate or any other type of surface coating.

How is the Aït Manos Zellige packaged?

Our zellige is meticulously packaged to ensure it is not damaged during shipping, either in wooden crates or in cardboard boxes.