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Private residence, Palm Beach, Florida, USA, Peter Marino

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Under the direction of Peter Marino, famous architect, Aït Manos undertakes to transpose Moroccan decorative traditions in a private residence in the heart of Florida. Peter Marino, particularly renowned for his design projects carried out for leading players in the world of luxury, including the Chanel and Dior boutiques, created a décor inspired by Morocco, and Marrakech in particular. The architect who worked for Bergé-Saint Laurent, Marella Agnelli, Armani, Valentino, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, puts his boundless energy at the service of the world\'s greatest fortunes by building private residences and yachts. In Palm Beach, Florida, the most beautiful houses are lined up one after the other. An encounter of elegance, exuberance, and American glamor. Manor houses, grandiose residences, signed by the greatest architects from Addison Mizner to Maurice Fatio, rise in this bourgeois bastion on which the oil baron Henry M. Flagler had set his sights at the beginning of the 20th century. In an orientalist decadence in the heart of Florida, Peter Marino recreates a fantasy of exoticism, an orientalist dream in a house where Arab decorative arts display all their opulence. Decorated ceilings, carved wood, carved tables, lanterns invite themselves into the interior of William and Katherine Rayner. In an article in the Palm Beach Daily News, the couple explains the genesis of this spectacular, unexpected residence. Insatiable travelers, they fell in love with North Africa and the gardens of Marrakech. Fans of the composition of the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, they reproduced the patterns in their house in the North End. The idea is to create a Moroccan retreat in Palm Beach. The garden, the work of Denis Lamarsh and a sort of jungle that took two years to finalize, completed this Moroccan production. The result? Patios decorated with Majorelle blue zellige, a typical Moroccan tent, garden walls painted in Majorelle blue specially imported from Morocco for this residence, a fantastic and magical interior, a tropical canopy. To complete their journey in residence, the couple, fond of Turkey, designed their guest pavilion as a reference to the Topkapi Palace. Geometric designs, vibrant colors, rich metals built a decor straight out of Istanbul. Passionate about botany, the couple perfected the landscape by introducing the principles of Persian gardens to their green creations. Oriental Guest House, Persian garden, the residence is a true journey, an ode to the Orient and its decorative traditions. For this project, the Aït Manos House has put its know-how at the service of different spaces. In the garden that evokes the Jardin Majorelle of Marrakech, a body of water immortalized by Vogue in 2003, surrounded by lush vegetation, between banana and palm trees, oscillates between a fountain and a pool. The green bejmats of Aït Manos give water a unique hue: a seawater green almost like a soft blue. Adjacent to it is a caidal tent offering a relaxation area, erected on a blue, yellow and green zellige terrace. Further away, a space of idleness, where the floor, adorned in green zellige is reminiscent of vegetation while a blue border echoes the walls of the garden. Another reference to Morocco is a fountain entirely covered with multicolored zellige that rises from a corner of the garden, framed by Majorelle blue walls.


Private residence


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