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Zelliqueen: Suddenly, zellige becomes Jewelery.


The story of a collaboration

Zelliqueen is the fruit of an exclusive collaboration between two Moroccan houses, Aït Manos, the specialist of Moroccan zellige, and Noémie Créations, a Moroccan brand of refined jewelry. With a shared vision of promoting age-old Moroccan know-how, the two houses created Zelliqueen, a jewelry collection made of zellige. Zelliqueen is a story of art and technique, of terra cotta and precious materials, of ancestral know-how and innovative designs, of talents and passions. An ancient heritage, zellige is now reinventing itself in the world of goldsmithing, through a jewelry collection designed by the Aït Manos and Noémie Créations workshops. The treasures of a culture are an invitation to an extraordinary inner journey. Zelliqueen imposes itself as a self-evident creation, not only bearing the unique mark of those who have shaped it but also that of a terra cotta chiseled for several centuries, under the sun of the imperial city of Fes. Motivated by the same passion that encourages them to put their heart and soul into their creations, the Aït Manos Workshop and jewelry designer Myriam Chraibi Andaloussi (Noémie Créations) joined forces for an exceptional collaboration. The result? A sleek and pure design that is suitable for all circumstances. Just like a poem, the association of water and fire becomes an ornament, to be worn close to one’s heart, just like an echo of the love for a land, for an immemorial culture and for authentic values.

A collection that sublimates Moroccan artistic trades

The result? A delicate blend of trends. When arts & crafts aim for excellence, when a journey becomes a dream, a new story begins: and each person can tell it with an outsized jewelry piece which has made a prominent appearance in the fine jewelry world. Zellige refers to an age-old Moroccan heritage and know-how that was always designed in keeping with traditions that have influenced different periods. To beautify the zellige 100% made in Morocco, born out of its water, of its baked clay and the hands of its maâlems* (craftsmen), guardians of this naturally precious heritage, the designer Myriam Chraibi Andaloussi chose to bring the heat of the metal and the brilliance of gold to a rough and noble material. The Zelliqueen collection reveals a surprising alchemy of materials. Delicate and refined, the mineral pattern comes in 2 formats and 6 colors, elegantly embellished with a fine gold chain. Ceramic pendants with a studded bezel outline as a tribute to traditions and the surprising modernity.

Aït Manos, masters of Moroccan zellige

A landmark of luxury décor in Morocco, Aït Manos was launched in 1995 by Ghalia Sebti and Tawfik Bennani. Since 1997, the brand has revolutionized the world of zellige by creating the “Aït Manos Thinset Zillij”, a process facilitating tile-laying using pre-assembled and ready to lay tile panels. Today, the brand’s innovation capacity and its wide range of colors allow it to meet demand from all around the world, and to create different environments, from the most traditional to trendier ones so as to promote this ancient crafts heritage whilst adapting the product to current requirements.

Noémie Créations, the fantasy of refined jewelry

Determined to challenge the boundaries of jewelry, Myriam Chraïbi Andaloussi launched the brand Noémie Créations in 2007 before opening her first store in 2014 at the heart of Casablanca’s Golden Triangle. Inspired by Moroccan traditions, moved by the purity of natural stones, interested in their qualities, passionate about fashion and trends, she imagines her jewelry pieces to be a reflection of the world that surrounds her. In her workshop, she manually shapes unique jewelry pieces capturing the latest trends and seasons, adorned with fine gold or silver. She draws her inspiration from the Moroccan and oriental cultures, in a colorful and original spirit to design and shape her tailor-made creations, enhanced with a delicate bohemian touch.